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Last Sunday evening we here at SiteLine Productions Ltd held a read-through for our latest project A New Leaf which I have written and will be acting in. We’re delighted to have Sarah Whitehouse on board and Polly Smith too. Anna Bond will be directing her first SiteLine’s project which is cause for great anticipation indeed!

Quite often my dual personas (actor/writer) are in conflict when putting a play on. For example the actor in me gets frustrated and bored with rehearsals, however, as a writer I take great interest and pleasure in them. Alternatively, the writer in me finds performance a gruelling nail biting affair and as an actor performance is very much the bit I look forward to the most.


As I’ve already mentioned in A New Leaf, I’m going to be wearing both dramatic hats so a true Jekyll and Hyde conflict will be played out, no doubt. I’ve decided to focus on the fact that at least part of me will be having a swell time all of the time and you can’t say fairer than that, can you?


One thing, however, that my different professions can chime in agreement with is how much I love a bloody good read-through. I was sat there during our efforts on Sunday night having a whale of a time and it got me wondering what exactly is it that I love so much about this prologue to the process of putting on a play?


Well, firstly, a read-through represents potential which is always exciting. Secondly (when I’m in charge at least) they tend to be lovely casual affairs with wine and food and thirdly the pressure is off all ends up. As a writer, if you’ve got as far as a read-through it means someone at least thinks it worthy of that much, and as an actor if you’re a little shaky in certain areas, you have the security of knowing you have the entire rehearsal schedule stretched out in front of you. What’s not to like?


I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as to A New Leaf’s progress in the following weeks. Until then, why don’t you organise yourselves a read-through, they’re terrific!


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