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Knee Deep in Rehearsals

June 6th, 2013

Last week saw the first rehearsals of ‘A New Leaf’ spring into life and what a productive few days they proved to be.  Here at SiteLine Productions Ltd we count ourselves extremely lucky to have two such exceptional actors in Sarah Whitehouse and Polly Smith working on our latest project.

So what of  ‘A New Leaf’?  What’s the deal?  What happens in it?  What goes on?  Well, simply read the following…

“A New Leaf’ introduces you to Davina, a full time gardener who couldn’t be happier with her job. Amongst the trees and flowers she is able to forget about a recent and very personal tragedy. But change is in the air, with financial pressures forcing eccentric landowner Annabel Fox to open the garden to the public. And then there’s Peter, brought in to ‘help’ Davina with the new work load, who she finds just a little too distracting…

A New Leaf ‘ is a romantic comedy about love, death and hedge rows.”

You’ll be pleased to hear Sarah’s Annabel Fox is coming on a scatty treat and Polly’s Davina is developing beautifully too.  Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as our latest project…blooms (eh?)…into life!

Below, our first audience member proves to be rather casually dressed.  Thank goodness the zoom on the camera isn’t very good!



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